MEET the OG pistachio spread

a goes-on-anything, drizzable, sweet pistachio spread made with real pistachios and other natural ingredients for you to indulge in pistachios' nuttiness.

it tastes very pistachio-ey, sweet but with a little kick of sea salt. it also tastes like a pistachio gelato on a hot summer day in italy, or the merenda nonno would make you after school.

l e a r n   m o r e  

when you try it, you'll love it too 👀

nut butter and frosting had a nutrient dense baby —> pistakio


Portland, OR

crack in a jar.


Kapolei, HI

This stuff is incredible!! So good on fruit, toast, you name it!! So glad I got 4 jars, but have a feeling I'll be restocking soon!


Port St. Lucie, FL

The best pistachio spread I've tried so far. It's not overly sweet, unlike a lot of other brands, and the texture is perfect. I put this in my lattes every morning and slather it on almost everything!


Washington DC

I LOVE this stuff!! Having had pistachio spread in the past, this product is definitely the best. Not too sweet, strong pistachio flavor and so versatile! Bonus for being owned by two wonderful people!!


Portland, OR

vintage, grainy, gritty

meet the pistachio-lovers

we’re Nico & Fran, two pistachio fanatics and the co-founders of Pistakio. while Nico was born and raised in Italy, Fran spent a whole year there in cooking school. when we realized how under-appreciated pistachios were in the US, we knew we had to do something...

o u r   s t o r y  


what is Pistakio?

Pistakio is a small business that is all about reimagining the way pistachios have been eaten for centuries. we’re on a mission to make pistachios more fun & more approachable— one spoon away from your favorite meals. we think pistachios are way more than a nut that you eat on special occasions, and we wanted to create something that feels authentic and can be used in the everyday meals — that’s how the first pistachio spread was born.

where are your spreads made & how do i use them?

we hand-craft our spreads in small batches in Portland, OR, using real pistachios and other all-natural ingredients.

we slather our sweet pistachio spread on pancakes & crepes, drizzle it on ice cream & açai bowls, and stir it into a greek yogurt or a banana bread mix. Fran loves to add it on a charcuterie board for cheese night, while Nico adds a spoon of it to his espresso every morning for a nutty kick.

if you need more ideas, check out our Instagram!

are your spreads gluten-free? vegan? non-GMO?

yes, yes, & yes. and on top of that, they’re made with 1000% natural ingredients that a 5-year-old can pronounce. no preservatives, artificial flavors, or fake colors.

do your spreads need to be refrigerated after opening?

yes & no! our OG pistachio spread can be kept outside of the fridge in a cool & dry place for as long as you want (we recommend eating it before 12 months), but you can also refrigerate it for a thicker texture.

i have other questions!

if you have more questions, check our FAQ page!