how do i use it?

we slather our sweet pistachio spread on pancakes & crepes, drizzle it on ice cream & açai bowls, and stir it into a greek yogurt or a banana bread mix. Fran loves to add it on a charcuterie board for cheese night, while Nico adds a spoon of it to his espresso every morning for a nutty kick.

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is it vegan?

we are 100% vegan, GF, & non-GMO. and on top of that, our spread is made with 100% natural ingredients that a 5-year-old can pronounce. no preservatives, artificial flavors, or fake colors.

what's the shelf life? does it need to be refrigerated?

our spread can be kept in a cool & dry place for as long as you want but we recommend eating it within 12 months for best results.

why can't i buy just one?

with shipping costs being at an all time high, our small business simply can't afford to ship a single jar. that being said, you can always gift the second jar or split shipping costs with a friend!

can i find this in store?

we're slowly expanding our doors as we grow! find us at a store near you using our locator and if you don't see us anywhere near you just reach out at hello@pistakio.co with a store you'd like to see us in!