if pistachios are the most delicious and versatile nut (and they are), why are they so overlooked that you can only eat them out of the shell?

we had to do something. after months of ideating, flavor testing, and trial and error, our first goes-on-anything pistachio spread came to life.

we’re on a mission to reimagine the way pistachios have been eaten for centuries and unleash their versatility & nutty flavor so that you can spread their deliciousness and infinite health benefits on anything you want, while saving you the hassle of cracking them open.

the benefits of pistachios, antioxidants, healthy fat, calcium, protein, magnesium, melatonin
founders of a pistachio company based in Portland OR


we’re Nico & Fran, two pistachio fanatics and the co-founders of Pistakio. while Nico was born and raised in Italy, Fran spent a whole year there in cooking school. when we met and started cooking together, we realized that we both loved pistachios and missed the communal aspect of food that brings Italians together.

we started this journey in our last year of college, by simply setting up a little booth at the local farmers market with our logo and “pistachios reimagined” under it. after seeing how many pistachio lovers couldn’t wait get their hands on our pistachio spreads, we decided to launch this thing for real. we're on a journey to make pistachios a spoon away from your favorite meals.